Welsh Lager is here!


We’re super excited to announce a new addition to our core range – Welsh Lager!

Conceived as a direct competitor to the industrial lager brands which currently dominate beer sales, we wanted to give Wales’ most popular beer style a contemporary craft beer update.

This 4.2% ABV brew is dry, drinkable and crisp with a balanced hop profile, soft malt backbone and a fizzing, refreshing finish.

“Lager is by far and away the most popular beer style in Wales, accounting for well over 90% of all pints sold in pubs across the country” according to our MD Richard “It’s a fantastic style, but a lot of the stuff available on the market currently is sugary, heavily pasteurised and made with the cheapest ingredients available.”

“We want to introduce the Welsh drinker to an alternative approach: a Welsh Lager, made locally, using traditional methods and the best possible ingredients.”

We’ve been experimenting with loads of variations on the style before dialling in on the final recipe.

Here’s how our head brewer, Jamie, describes the process “Lager’s known as simple, straightforward beer style – brewing it, however, is anything but! Each batch requires a long fermentation period, known as lagering, and the liquid needs to be kept exceptionally cold throughout. It’s hard work but, with a delicious cold pint at the end, well worth it.”

Welsh Lager is launching at our brewery in Llantrisant on July 6th and will be available for sale to pubs across Wales immediately after.

Drink it in!

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